Thermal Camera

Temperature Detection Intelligent Access control Attendance Terminal

Facial Recognition Attendance Machine

  • 0.5s fast recognition
  • 5,000 faces data

Smart management saves time and effort to improve efficiency

  • Fast recognition
  • 5,000 face storage capacity
  • 7inch HD LCD
  • 2MP Binocular camera
  • Linux3.10
  • Voice broadcast
  • Exportable attendance report
  • Process up to 5 individuals at the same time
  • Inverse identification

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5,000 Face Storage Capacity

8G Memory (Extendable)

Large facial recognition storage capacity allows for a single unit to handle attendance of all staff

Dynamic face recognition

Using near-infrared and RGB binocular cameras, refuse photos and videos

Temperature detection with High Temperature warning

Alarm automatically activates when the body temperature exceeds 37.3 C


Wall mounted and vertical options available for adjustable viewing angles

Adjustable angles

Viewing angles 160°(H) X 160°(V)

Vertical / Wall mounted

Easy and safe to install

Attendance Reports using icloud server

The data is synchronized in the cloud, and the background is automatically summarized into the attendance report. Remove It is more convenient for HR to review the monthly attendance and more efficient for financial accounting

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