Vertical Vendor

Vertical Vendor is a Retail Merchandising Innovation proven worldwide to capture impulse sales. Durable, sustainable stand-alone display unit made of steel panels. Engineered with an industrial steel spring coil and & advanced injection-moulded airflow system™ calibrated to the merchandised product size & weight.

  • Unique Grab & Go opportunities for impulse buying at point of sale
  • Optimizes selling space
  • Ability to re brand for future campaigns (Sustainable)
  • Increase impulse sales (previous roll outs saw an average of up to 35% increase in impulse sales especially when positioned near check out counters
  • Small footprint allows location in high traffic areas near entrances / shopping carts checkout
  • Displays look freshly merchandised 24/7 with Interchangeable graphics: 3 sided + header.
  • Increase brand identity opportunities with minimal display space and maximum impact

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